Meet the Artist.

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I've been playing Trove for a bit. I love the game so far.
Chloromancer - Alchemancer Costume.

Christmas Gift

These cups are also great for Christmas gifts. Very cute.


The Design. I made a rainbow heart as well.

The Mugs :) Red heart (Left) Rainbow heart (Left)

Engagement Party Loot Bags

The Design for the loot bag. I made these last year, I need to add out newest pup on it ;),
The front of the bag. We both love green.
Ray made cookies, I made rice krispies. filler chocolates.  
All said and done they turned out great!

Toronto Gaymers

I often do design work, commission free for Toronto Gaymers, Why?
I do it because it provides a safe environment for LGBT gaymers,
where they come and meet people alike.
 A positive space to get away from home and brighten ones day.
When I was younger I wished there was something like this.
A place where I feel accepted.
This is my way of giving back. xoxo.
Thank you Sam Gerard and all admin, helpers and healers.
That help make this group possible.

Slayers Anime

One of my favorite characters. Some serious comic relief. 

Redoing Old Work

So I decide to redo some of my drawing I did when I first started.
The improvements are evident and finding my own style and niche.
I am really happy how it turned out.

Website Under Construction (Restored)

So I manage to wipe out everything.
New year? New start? 

All my older art work can be found on
Tumblr or Facebook page: