Hi, I am Simon Kwan, Graphic Artist and creator of Mui-ko.

The Story begins....
Mui-ko wasn’t always known as Mui-Ko. I use to call it something silly like The HUCK LUCK MUK, which translated into the dark freckle or beauty mark. This all started back in high
school in Chemistry class, it wasn’t very exciting I would drift off into space or daydream about unworldly things *grins*. I took up doodling instead I would draw on my test papers, handouts and my agenda. I pretty much draw on anything that can be used as a blank canvas.

From there on I just kept drawing and drawing, but I had this dream that my art would take over the world. Well maybe not the world. I moved on though, including moving on from this dream.

I took Art and Design in college, from there I went into Graphic Design and got a job.
Time pass by so fast and I soon forgot about this dream.

Older and wiser but old habits never die. I would doodle at my desk. I would hand draw birthday cards for my friends and co-workers. People even mention you should put your artwork out there. It was like it came back at me in a full circle, the dream I had when I was a teenager.

In March 2012, I took a trip to China, got a chance to meet a famous artist there. He painted me a painting, I was honored he did that for me. He explained he feels lucky because “I am 83 and I can do what I love to do” and that ignited a fire within. When I came back I was determine, to get my work out there and to make my dream come true. It is not about making money for me, it is about living my dream and being happy while I do.